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Honoring 90 Years of History

From the annexation of area communities in 1927 to the creation of the BEAC in 2018, the city has always recognized the Berwick Eastmoor area as a single community and we want to continue that for the next 90 years and beyond.

Historic Berwick & Eastmoor

In 1927 the City of Columbus annexed the communities of Berwick, Eastmoor, Mayfair, & East Hampton.  It’s quite remarkable to see this map from 90 years ago and compare it to our proposal for the boundaries of the BEAC.

Here is the 1950 boundary map for the City of Columbus demonstrating the now familiar boundary line of the neighborhoods that make up the Berwick Eastmoor Area Commission

Should you run an internet search for either Berwick or Eastmoor, the maps you find illustrate Berwick as is currently represented by their civic association map and Eastmoor covering the civic associations of North Eastmoor, Central Eastmoor, South Eastmoor, Mayfair Peacekeepers, and East Hampton. Additionally, the boundaries of these historic neighborhoods match the definition held by the City of Columbus.

Current Area Commissions

This map illustrates how the Berwick Eastmoor Area Commission would fit into the existing Area Commission map.

Main and Broad Street Corridor Revitalization Plan

The Main and Broad Street Corridor Revitalization Plan was approved by the Development Commission on Thrusday, April 9, 2007 and was also approved by City Council on Monday, April 9, 2007.

The plan used the charrette approach to undertake an efficient, limited planning engagement that delivered consensus-based recommendations relative to future land use, zoning, urban design, and economics. It serves as the blueprint for the revitalization of these two major thoroughfares. Additionally, it should be noted that throughout this plan it refers to the entire community from Bexley to Whitehall as Eastmoor.

Urban Infrastructure Renewal Fund (UIRF)

The proposed commission perfectly overlays the existing UIRF zone 12. Furthermore, the city purposefully created the UIRF boundaries to correspond to existing area commissions. In the absence of an area commission representing our community the city used the boundaries of the historic neighborhoods. We have simply followed the city’s lead in matching the commission map to the established grant area.

East Main Special Improvement District (SID)

The newly establish SID covers all commercial properties with frontage on East Main Street from the Bexley to Whitehall boundaries. Providing the SID with a single commission for planning is a more efficient way to achieve the area’s goals.

Area Commission Comparision

Commissions2010 Total Households2010 Total Population Total AcresDensity
Milo-Grogan Area Commission8212,236591.803.78
Livingston Avenue Area commission2,2985,959699.428.52
5th by Northwest Area Commission5,0657,406664.0111.15
South Linden Area Commission3,4999,085 1,021.13 8.90
North Central Area Commission3,5859,748 2,430.25 4.01
Franklinton Area Commission3,4229,802 1,435.49 6.83
Southwest Area Commission6,04417,713 6,851.54 2.59
Near East Area Commission8,05217,874 2,322.01 7.70
Berwick/Eastmoor Area Commission8,31318,125 2,400.00 7.55
West Scioto Area Commission9,65120,642 7,217.16 2.86
Northeast Area Commission10,33326,265 6,529.31 4.02
North Linden Area Commission11,11726,527 3,140.54 8.45
Columbus Southside Area Commission11,35228,004 4,519.91 6.20
Clintonville Area Commission14,74729,236 3,926.57 7.45
Far South Columbus Area Commission11,35230,424 15,916.45 1.91
Greater South East Area Commission16,50741,786 10,580.66 3.95
University Area Commission14,31643,996 1,857.72 23.68
Westland Area Commission17,29544,734 10,593.20 4.22
Mideast Area Community Collaborative19,83046,495 6,534.40 7.12
Far East Area Commission22,41151,872 9,594.99 5.41
Greater Hilltop Area Commission24,54865,760 9,897.00 6.64


As part of our required research for the proposed area commission the Department of Neighborhoods produced a Community Profile report.  A new report is needed for the final proposed boundaries but this preliminary report will give you a very good idea of the demographics for the proposed commission.